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We are in the process of puttuing all our records of plants and animals at Noakes Grove online. This is the first page: other groups will follow shortly

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The arrangement is in taxonomic sequence of families

Click the English name to see the relevant page of UKBUTTERFLIES website for photos and biological information.

Click the scientific name for the relevant page of the Essex Field Club website with local staus and distribution maps

Family English name Latin name
Hesperidae Small Skipper Thymelicus sylvestris
Hesperidae Essex Skipper Thymelicus lineola
Hesperidae Large Skipper Ochlodes venata
Pieridae Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni
Pieridae Large White Pieris brassicae
Pieridae Small White Pieris rapae
Pieridae Green-veined White Pieris napi
Pieridae Orange Tip Anthocharis cardamines
Lycaenidae Purple Hairstreak Quercusia quercus
Lycaenidae Brown Argus Aricia agestis
Lycaenidae Common Blue Polyommatus icarus
Lycaenidae Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus
Silver-washed Fritillary
Argynnis paphia
Nymphalidae Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta
Nymphalidae Painted Lady Cynthia cardui
Nymphalidae Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae
Nymphalidae Peacock Inachis io
Nymphalidae Comma Polygonia c-album
Nymphalidae Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria
Marbled White Melanargia galathea
Nymphalidae Gatekeeper Pyronia tithonus
Nymphalidae Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina
Nymphalidae Small Heath Coenonympha pamphilus
Nymphalidae Ringlet Aphantopus hyperantus

Species not yet recorded but known from nearby habitats: keep an eye open!

Clouded Yellow
Colias croceus
White-letter Hairstreak
Satyrium w-album
Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas
Purple Emperor
Apatura iris
White Admiral
Limenitis camilla