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Nature Reserve Newsletter - December 2018

New Season's Apple Juice - now in money-back bottles

The first 150 bottles of this season's apple juice are now ready (with at least another 100 to press & bottle).

Order yours while stocks last: a dozen 500 ml bottles for £24 with £3 (25p per bottle) refunded (credit against food purchases) when you return your empties to the Walden Local Food stall at the Saturday market.

Free delivery in Saffron Walden and Thaxted area.

The apples are grown with no pesticide or other chemical use. There are no preservatives - it is Wimbish pasteurised apple-juice and nothing else. One bottle will give three people one of their "five-a-day".

Email your order to:

Volunteer Helpers' Christmas Event

Sunday 2nd December  10am  to 3pm 
(no need to attend the whole time, come when you can)

Noakes Grove, Redgates Lane, Sewards End,  Saffron Walden CB10 2LW. 

There will be a chance to do some conservation work (and play with our new tractor?) so come in suitable clothes. But mainly it is a social event for everyone who has done voluntary work for us during 2018.

As well as our conservation work-party groups, we hope many of the members of the two "sheep teams" will be able to join us, as they do not normally meet the rest of their team, since each person or family group visits the sheep on a different day.

Bonfire-cooked lunches and drinks (including our apple-juice, mulled or normal) provided.





Tree Bog now ready when you need it

That's thanks to Emma Horton (who got the grant and organised all the work), Uttlesford District Council (for the grant) and our builder, Aaron McCarthy, who did a good and within-budget job of building it.

It even has a wash-basin (fed by a rain-filled water-butt) so the only thing that remains to be done is plant the willow trees around it - they will grow and use up the nutrients accumulating in the soil.

The tree-bog can only cope with pee, poo and paper. So if you might need to dispose of nappies or other sanitary products, please bring a plastic bag with you and take them home.

ASTERIX the RAM arrives

Asterix the ram belongs to Chris Eastcott, who owns one of the two other Wiltshire Horn flocks in the Walden area.

He'll be staying with seven of our ewes (four of them 18-month old youngsters who will be breeding for the first time) for the next six weeks.

The harness he is wearing is a raddle-pack: it holds a yellow-dye block so you can spot which ewes have already been mated. Two down and five to go after his first day.

All rams can be a bit lively and may butt or charge. Please admire him from outside the electic fence. Keep your kids a safe distance from the fence and ask them not to make much noise near him.

Asteix the ram

Two weight-lifters wanted!

We have been given a very useful shed to be erected at Kings Field for storing hay and sheep food. Before we can rebuild it, we need to get the heavy railway sleepers in place to support the floor.

If that is the sort of thing you do for fun (or are willing to give it a try) please make contact: [01 799 599 643]



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