Noakes Grove Nature Reserve  


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Noakes Grove Nature Reserve

Noakes Grove - a 9-acre nature reserve in Sewards End, near Saffron Walden was bought by Walden Countryside in 2008. It is open for public visits (on foot) at all times.


1758 map

Noakes Grove History

The recorded history of Noakes Grove goes back to 1400 when a Mr Nokes was given permission to create a small-holding by clearing an area of Forest. This map was drawn in 1759 and shows that the woods and fields had the same boundaries then as now,

Read more about the History of Noakes Grove

Your Visit

There is a small car park and information board at the entrance. At the entrance is a stock of guide leaflets with a map which you can use during your visit and return as you leave

The main habitats are:

  • The ancient roadside hedge (newly recopppiced) and the wildflower roadside verge (a local wildlife site - see details)
  • Noakes Grove wood: a one-acre ancient woodland
  • Noakes Field - rough grassland
  • Arbury Field - wildflower-rich pasture grazed by our wiltshire horn sheep
  • Arbury scrub - rich in wildlife and one of the best populations of wild liquorace plants in Essex. A deignated Local Wildlife Site: see details


Wildlife at Noakes Grove

Many hundreds of wildlife species are known to live in Noakes Grave and there are many hundred more waiting to be found and identified. Read our current species lists and watch film-clips of our deer.

Children at Noakes Grove

In addition to children who visit at any time, as members of a family group, there are many special events for children who want to enjoy the reserve and its wildlife (although most are in abeyance while the pandemic restrictins are in force).:

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